Leather thong in black lasercut design
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Leather thongs

Leather thongs from our wide and exclusive collection frame your intimate zone in the most beautiful way possible and make your buttocks look sexy. VoyeurX loves all shapes and styles when it comes to leather lingerie and goes out of its way to meet every expectation.

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A leather thong with open crotch to silver chains that have been incorporated into the design, nothing is too crazy. The ideal lingerie for many an erotic moment can be found at VoyeurX.

Leather thongs in the bedroom and beyond

Our extensive selection has everything to ensure an unforgettable evening or night. You'll soon steal the show at a kinky party or a spicy night in the bedroom; a leather thong is the must-have for your sexy wardrobe! Both inside and outside the bedroom, our creations hit the mark. At VoyeurX we love versatility, we only want the very best for you and our goal is for you to make a sexy impression on your viewer(s), wherever you are. Are you equally proud of your beautiful buttocks and your chest? With a leather harness from VoyeurX you can complete your kinky look and you'll soon be the center of attention. Combine it with a leather garterbelt and let your legs look sexy. Whatever you love, we have everything to make your evening an unforgettable one. Be seduced, spoil yourself and your lover. Discover the luxurious feeling of real leather on your bare skin, it's so blissful and beautiful!

Which leather thong suits me?

Our extensive collection frames your sexy buttocks with the most beautiful, exclusive creations. From a bondage thong with an open crotch to one with chains, at VoyeurX we have something for every occasion. Do you prefer animal-friendly materials? Then choose your favorite from the Vegan leather collection. 100% wild, 0% animal. This competitively priced collection is inspired by bondage and combines classic eroticism with the latest catwalk trends. The elastic side straps allow for flexible sizing for any figure. The soft quality of the leather material offers the ideal leather feeling, without any animal suffering involved. The vegan leather collection is finished with silver-colored hardware made of nickel-free material and is available in black. Dare to be provocative? Choose one with an open crotch which gives you complete freedom. An open crotch should tease, give a luxurious look & feel and stimulate your erotic fantasies. The design creates extra tension and the open crotch design leaves little to the imagination at the front. The rings as part of the designs provide a kinky touch. Do you prefer bondage lingerie? Then have a look at our Luxury bondage collection, handmade from first-class leather. The collection is available in standard black but also in various colors of real leather.

The perfect fit

We have leather thongs for every occasion and body type. At the back of each design is a buckle that can be adjusted for a perfect fit. In addition to the Boho Kink collection, which is finished off with shimmering fringes, we also have a new necklace collection that is sure to attract the attention of your audience. Silver chains made of nickel-free material will move gracefully with your body and the chains add a kinky edge to your sexy look. Exclusive thongs are created with an eye on accentuating your feminine form, that's why all our thongs have a one-size fit, i.e. straps of (imitation) leather that are adjustable at the back/side or elastic at the hips for a perfect fit.

Buy a leather thong online?

A leather thong is a treat for your buttocks and a must-have for your sexy wardrobe. We would like to please you with our leather thong collection. Our kinky creations are handmade from the finest materials and are a feast for the eyes. Put your buttocks in the spotlight with a leather thong. We also provide a fast and discrete delivery at home so receiving your order is always a gift. There is always a discreet shipping box containing your products, with no mention of 'VoyeurX' as the sender, and all orders of € 300 and over will be beautifully wrapped in a VoyeurX storage box. Prefer to shop offline? Then visit one of the luxury erotica shops in your area that are authorized VoyeurX dealers. At the bottom of the page, under the heading 'Points of Sale', you can find a VoyeurX outlet near you and shop for your favorite products. Please contact your favorite VoyeurX outlet to ask whether your favorite items are in stock before visiting them.

Leather thong in one size bigger

All thongs in the webshop are in stock in the one-size. This means an adjustable size from sizes 36 to 42; the leather straps on the sides at the hips are adjustable to ensure that the model fits like a glove. Doesn't the standard size offer a good fit? No problem at all! For the sexy ladies among us with a larger size who love luxurious lingerie, we offer tailored leather thongs. Frame your beautiful intimate zone in leather straps to increase the tension. Are you looking for a leather thong to surprise your lover with or are you looking for a kinky one to shine at a fetish party? We have a wide range of leather thongs that can be made to measure. For a surcharge of 20% and with the help of our sizing chart and measuring instructions, you can get your set discreetly and quickly. The thongs in one size bigger, are available in standard black or other colors of real leather. Do you need help measuring your size? Please contact us via the contact form and we will be happy to help you!