The Fetishion collection is designed as a sexy show-topper, for women who love luxury and want to be seen. The collection is trendsetting, versatile and the perfect combination of Fetish & Fashion.

The graceful laser-cut design emphasizes your feminine shapes in a sexy way. Each design from the Fetishion collection is handmade from premium calfskin, pressed and cut specially to ensure super strong gossamer connections.

Owner Melanie wants to make eroticism part of the day with her exclusive designs. The items from the Fetishion collection can be perfectly combined with your everyday clothing & add an erotic edge to your fashion look. At nightfall, you can wear the exclusive laser-cut items during an erotic night out or a sexy night in the bedroom with your lover.

Exclusivity and luxury characterize the Fetishion collection. However you choose to wear the items from this collection, you will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.